structure All NMIT enrolled students are members of SANITI and are represented within the Organisational Structure

SANITI Strategy


To provide high quality, dynamic services and representation for all SANITI members.


To provide a ‘toolbox’ of Support Services for SANITI members.


  • A high standard of professionalism and services
  • Be competitive in the market place
  • Effective, open and honest communication
  • Personal responsibility
  • Effective leadership
  • Mutual respect
  • Maintain a positive, progressive workplace environment
  • Equality and Diversity

History and Membership

SANITI is an incorporated, not for profit charity organisation. All enrolled students at NMIT are members of SANITI and are entitled to representation and services provided by the Association.

Students have input into how SANITI is run through the Student Executive which is entirely made up of students. Students provide feedback through the representational structure.

As a student of NMIT, you are entitled to free SANITI membership. When you come to NMIT you will already be a SANITI member.  However, if you wish to opt out, simply email with your name and student ID. Even if you do opt out, you can still use our services and rejoin at any stage!

Student Feedback

Students provide feedback to their representatives through the Class and Programme Representative System. Students can also contact the Student President or the Student Executive directly.

The Student President

The Student President heads the representational structure at SANITI and is the main spokesperson for the student voice. The Student President is the Community Representative on NMIT Council. The President also supports individual students in a representative role.

The President reports to the Student Executive, plus provides feedback to students through the SANITI Executive meeting minutes and General Meeting reports.

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The Student Executive

The Student Executive consists of the Student President, the Vice-President and up to 8 students from across NMIT campuses, elected at General Meetings. The Student Executive guide the Strategic and Operational Plan and budget which are presented to students at the two General Meetings. The Strategic and Operational plan sets SANITI's goals and direction of SANITI.


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Programme Representatives

The Programme Representative System is a joint venture between SANITI and NMIT providing students with a structure to get their voice heard. There are over 60 representatives on the Nelson Campus, 20 on the Marlborough and Woodbourne Campuses and Student Pilot representatives. They meet regularly with the Student President.

Get Involved! If you would like to provide feedback or get involved with representation at NMIT, please contact the Student President on

Download a copy of the Programme Rep booklet here.

03 546 2425 or 027 545 7492



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