Now and again things won’t go your way. What do you do if you don’t agree with the mark you’ve been given? Check out the process below.

Process for remarking3

Appeals to the academic committee must be in writing within 10 working days. If you need help working through the process come by and see us.



When you use the same words or when you use someone else’s ideas and hand it in as your own work, you are cheating. This is considered plagiarism.

In academic work this is unacceptable. NMIT has a very clear policy on this. It is not okay to copy or use other people’s work without citing it. 

Whether you found it in a book in the library or took it straight from the internet, if you haven’t referenced or cited it correctly you are cheating.

Not knowing how to reference is not an excuse. For helpful hints on how to avoid plagiarism, check out the website.

To help NMIT offers referencing guilds for different programme areas, to help you get it right click here.


 TURNITIN provides a service for checking academic work for possible sources of plagiarism. Your tutor will provide details on what they consider plagiarism to be and how to maintain your academic integrity. NMIT has a policy of allowing students to check your Turnitin reports prior to formally submitting your assignments - and it all happens within NMIT moodle.